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Food For Healthy Eyes

Eye-Friendly Foods You Can Eat Today to Help Your Eye Health Tomorrow! Surely the minute you read the title of this article, you thought- CARROTS! Yes, carrots are fantastic for your eyesight because they contain plenty of beta carotene. This essential eye healthy...

Fish Oil for Dry Eyes

Fish Oil for Dry Eyes Fast Facts: 5 Things You Need to Know About Treating Dry Eyes with Fish Oil You may have heard that fish oil or Omega-3’s can be an easy home treatment for dry eyes.  While fish oil can help promote tear production, there are some things you...
Blephadex Traveler Tips

Blephadex Traveler Tips

Blephadex Traveler Tips Freshen Up Your Eyes While Travelling with Blephadex Handy Wipes Blue skies, open roads, and the world at your feet… There’s nothing quite like getting outdoors and exploring the world during the summer months. Whether it’s a one-tank trip or a...

Why Do My Eyes Feel Dry in The Morning?

Why Do My Eyes Feel Dry in The Morning? Do you wake up with itchy, dry, red, burning eyes in the morning? You aren’t alone. Morning eye irritation is a common problem that affects millions of Americans every year.  Knowing more about what may be causing your painful...
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